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In 1993, a group of investors from the St. Petersburg area put in a bid to buy the San Francisco Giants and move them to the Tampa/St. Pete area. The contract was actually signed by Giants ownership and the group from St. Pete, but the Giants never moved to Florida, as a group from San Francisco put an offer together and NL President Bill White kept pushing back the announcement of the finalization of the Giants sale. Because the sale of the Giants to the St. Pete group wasn’t voted on by owners, acting Commissioner Bud Selig declared that the deal wasn’t done, allowing for the group from San Fran to buy the Giants and keep them in California. Just another reason for me to hate Bud Selig. I even remember seeing reports on the evening news of Tampa getting the Giants and people selling t-shirts and season ticket packages. Well, at least we finally got a team with the Devil Rays in 1998. Here is a what-if card of Matt Williams as a Tampa Bay Giant on a Donruss 1994 card.