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I am throwing this idea out to anyone who wants to try this.  Currently I am working on a Goudey inspired set, it will  contain 120 cards, will have printing on both front and back.  It will be split between 2 sets a 60 card base set and a 60 card TTM set (which are going to be sent to the players.  There will also be a past heroes subset.  The sport breakdown is 20 baseball, 20 hockey, and 20 football.  It will contain only players in their first or second years in the pros.  Each day I will place a card on the custom card blog so you can see my progress.

What I’d like to do is get all of the contributors to create a set of their own.  I have figured out how to print out the cards so they look pretty good.  The cards can be either, front and back, or just front only.  If you want to print front and back, I suggest leaving a 1/4 inch buffer on all sides to allow for shifting on the back printout.

Of course I would want you to share this on your own blog, I just think it would be fun to have custom sets made throughout the year, just like Topps / Upper Deck and Panini do.  The only thing is these sets can’t be sold, but trades are always welcome.  If you want to start your own set, just start posting a card a day and a little desciption of what your set will feature.  Here is card 1 of my upcoming set, Dexter Fowler (both front and back):

dexter foowler goudey ttmdexter foowler goudey backdexter foowler goudey base